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Shouts this year:

ALB: 16

ILB: 14

Latest News


Georgina Taylor launched after distressed person spotted on North Beach . . . .
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Both lifeboats launched after 21ft vessel suffers engine failure off Marros . . . .
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Inshore lifeboat launched after person reported missing on Castle Beach . . . .
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Both Tenby lifeboats involved in difficult rescue of fallen climber near St Govans . . . .
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All weather lifeboat requested after person seen entering water . . . .
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Georgina Taylor rescues people cut off by the tide . . . .
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Georgina Taylor rescues people cut off at 1st point . . . .
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Georgina Taylor rescues children cut off by tide behind pier . . . .
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All-weather lifeboat launched after a wave capsizes rib . . . .
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Both boats launched after a freak wave swamps kayak off Barafundle . . . .
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Georgina Taylor launched after a cow goes over the cliff on Caldey Island . . . .
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All weather lifeboat launched after person seen on cliff at Saddle Head . . . .
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Georgina Taylor launched after person reported missing . . . .
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Both lifeboats launched after yacht goes aground in fog . . . .
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Tenby all-weather lifeboat launched after yacht reported to be taking on water . . . .
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Both boats launched after report of mayday call 3 miles south of Caldey Island . . . .
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Car wash abandoned after injury at St Govans . . . .
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Georgina Taylor rescues two people cut off by tide . . . .
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2nd shout to Hendrik S in same day . . . .
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Tenby’s relief RNLI all-weather lifeboat launched after crewman gets injured on cargo ship . . . .
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All-weather lifeboat launched after dog goes over cliff at Barafundle . . . .
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Georgina Taylor launched after people get cut off by tide on rocks . . . .
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Lifeboat launched in early hours after head injury on beach . . . .
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All-weather lifeboat requested to launch after 14yr old goes missing in surf . . . .
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All-weather lifeboat launched after dog goes over cliff at Barafundle . . . .
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Tenby’s relief all-weather lifeboat launched after in early hours of Christmas eve . . . .
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Tenby’s relief all-weather lifeboat launched after report of 2 kayakers in difficulty . . . .
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Relief inshore lifeboat tasked after persons get cut off on Giltar . . . .
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Georgina Taylor tasked on first service from temporary lifeboat station . . . .
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All-weather lifeboat launched after vessel suffers fouled props off Stackpole . . . .
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RNLI Mayday 2018 campaign filmed at Tenby Lifeboat Station

Footage from our shout during Storm Brian on Saturday 21st October:

Tenby Lifeboat Station is one of over 200 RNLI Lifeboat Stations in the UK. It is situated on the South West Wales Coast and is one of the busiest stations in the UK.There has been a lifeboat in Tenby since 1852 when the Shipwrecked Mariners Society established the first lifeboat in the town. Things have changed a lot since then however – Tenby now has 2 lifeboats – a Tamar class all-weather Lifeboat and a D class Inshore Lifeboat. We hope this website provides you with all the information you want on the Station, Crew and Lifeboats stationed at Tenby, but if not – then get in touch!Continue to read about our history…

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ALB was paged at approximately 11:30am today to assist @TheMumblesRNLI @HortonRNLI @MCA_media with a search near the Worms head for a lost Kayaker, whilst the crew were mustering news came through the casualty was located safe and well. #Goodresult

ALB is launching on exercise tonight at 6:30pm. The viewing gallery as always will be open to the public. #training

VIDEO: Watch the moment a fallen climber is dramatically rescue by @TenbyRNLI and airlifted to safety.

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