All-weather lifeboat rescues for 2020

WindNW 12 knots
Casualty typePerson with suspected broken hip.
PositionCaldey Island
DetailsTenby’s all-weather lifeboat was launched just after 10.30pm on Monday 12th August, after a person fell on Caldey Island, suffering a suspected broken hip.

The volunteer crew made best speed to Caldey with Paramedics and several members of Tenby Coastguard Rescue Team aboard to help with transporting the casualty.

Once alongside at Caldey, the Paramedics, Coastguard and members of the lifeboat crew were brought up to the casualty.

Once he’d been fully assessed and when they were happy for him to be moved, the Paramedics immobilised the casualty ready for the journey back to the jetty. He was then carried down to the awaiting lifeboat by the Coastguard Team.

After the short journey back to Tenby, the casualty was placed into the back of the ambulance and conveyed to hospital for treatment.
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