All-weather lifeboat rescues for 2021

TitleHaydn Miller launched after vessel suffers engine failure and drifts towards rocks at Burry Holmes . . .
WindWNW 8 knots
Casualty typeVessel with engine failure drifting onto rocks
PositionBurry Holmes
DetailsShortly before midday on Sunday 22nd August, Tenby's all-weather lifeboat was tasked along with both Burry port lifeboats to a report of a vessel drifting near rocks and in breaking waves near to Burry Holmes some 14 miles S.E of Tenby.

The casualty vessel was aground on the rocks upon the arrival of the lifeboats and was successfully re-floated by Burry Port Lifeboat crew, whilst the casualty was placed onboard the Tenby lifeboat where Casualty care was administered and he was warmed up.

Once it was established that the vessel was not taking on any water, it was taken under tow by Burry Port D-class lifeboat. Once warmed up, the occupant was happy to go aboard Burry Port Lifeboat where he was conveyed back to Burry Port harbour, along with his vessel.

Tenby lifeboat returned to station at approx 2pm
Total this year: 33
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