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Both lifeboats requested after 3 kayaks get into difficulty . . . .

Both of Tenby’s RNLI lifeboats were requested at 5.15pm on Thursday 16th August after the Coastguard received a call to say 3 kayaks were in difficulty somewhere between Waterwynch and Monkstone.

The inshore lifeboat was quickly on the water, with the all-weather lifeboat being requested to stand-by, ready to launch if required.

As the lifeboat was starting to search between 1st Point and Monkstone, Tenby Coastguard confirmed that the occupant of one kayak had got ashore on north Beach but had said that two other kayaks were last seen towards Monkstone.

The volunteer crew carried on their search and upon reaching Monkstone Beach, were flagged down by someone on the beach. It turned out to be another of the kayakers, who had managed to get ashore there after getting into difficulty. She said that the third kayak was last seen between St Catherine’s Island and her current position but had capsized and not been seen since.

The lifeboat immediately headed towards St Catherine’s and as they got closer to Tenby, saw another kayak approaching North Beach. Luckily it turned out to be the final missing kayaker.

With all casualties now accounted for, the inshore lifeboat returned to Monkstone Beach and collected the kayaker from there, before dropping her at North Beach and reuniting her with her friends and Tenby Coastguard Team.

The Lifeboat then returned to station.

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