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ALB rescue

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Lifeboat launched after 22ft boat goes aground on sand bar in rough seas . . . .

At 2.08pm on Tuesday 18 August, Tenby’s all-weather lifeboat was launched after the skipper of a 22ft wooden vessel reported he was feeling unwell somewhere in Carmarthen Bay and that he needed assistance. The lifeboat was soon on the water, with the volunteer crew performing both visual and radar searches of the bay. Shortly after launching, a new message from the casualty vessel stated that he’d gone aground on a sand bar around Burry Holmes and he was in imminent danger. The lifeboat headed straight for Burry Holmes as both Burry Port inshore lifeboat and also RAF Helicopter Rescue 169 were tasked to the scene. Once on scene, the lifeboat went alongside the casualty vessel, which had now refloated, and dropped a member of crew aboard to assess and assist the casualty whilst the lifeboat escorted the boat into safer waters. It was found that skipper was no longer feeling unwell but due to the sea conditions, he was unable to get back into the safety of Burry Port. Burry Port inshore lifeboat then arrived on scene and passed a crew member aboard the vessel to relieve the Tenby crewman. Burry Port lifeboat then escorted the vessel over the sand bar and into the safety of Burry Port. The lifeboat then returned to station.

All-weather lifeboat launched after yacht snags underwater power cable . . . .

At 12.37pm on Monday 17 August, Tenby’s all-weather lifeboat launched following a request from Milford Haven Coastguard after a yacht reported that it had snagged its anchor on an underwater cable off Caldey’s Eel Point. The lifeboat arrived on scene and discovered the MOD Range Safety vessel Smit Penally already alongside the casualty vessel. After some discussion between the various crews, it was decided that the lifeboat and Smit Penally would use their grappling hooks to attempt to lift the cable whilst the yacht crew attempted to free their anchor. After several minutes and with some skilful manoeuvring by the coxswains of the lifeboat and the range safety vessel, the anchor was wriggled loose and the yacht was free.

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