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ILB rescue

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Both lifeboats launched after yacht goes aground in fog . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was requested to launch shortly after 1.30pm on Saturday 14th April following a report that a yacht had gone aground on Tenby’s Whiteback in thick fog.

The lifeboat was quickly on scene, with the crew recognising the yacht as the same one the all-weather lifeboat had rescued the day before.
Tenby Coastguard confirmed that the skipper of the yacht had been taken ashore by a windsurfer and was in their company on South Beach.

With the vessel well aground, the helmsman of the lifeboat made the decision to request the extra power of the all-weather lifeboat.

The all-weather lifeboat was soon on scene. The inshore lifeboat then took the tow rope and made it fast on the bow of the yacht. The vessel was then towed off the sandbank and around to Tenby harbour where it was put safely alongside the pier.

The lifeboats then rehoused at 3.10pm.

Both boats launched after report of mayday 3 miles south of Caldey Island . . . .

Both of Tenby’s RNLI lifeboats were requested to launch shortly before 11am on Saturday 7th April following a mayday from a vessel taking on water three miles south of Caldey Island.

The lifeboats were soon on the water and made best speed towards the casualty’s last known position.
Once on scene, they were joined by a Police boat, Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 187 from St Athan and the passing cargo vessel Arklow Valour.

After investigating several targets in the water, which all turned out to be driftwood and with no vessels reported missing, all units were stood down at 1.25pm, with the call being classified as a false alarm.
The lifeboats returned to station, arriving at 1.35pm.

Georgina Taylor rescues father and son cut off by tide . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI Inshore lifeboat was requested to launch shortly after 4.30pm on Monday 19th February after a report from a father and son that they were cut off by the incoming tide between 1st Point and Waterwynch.

The volunteer crew were quickly on the water and soon spotted the pair on rocks close to Waterwynch.

The helmsman took the lifeboat into the rocks, where the casualties were taken aboard. They were then checked over in case any medical attention was required, before being dropped to their waiting family and Tenby Coastguard Team on Tenby’s North Beach.

The lifeboat the returned to station, arriving at 5.10pm.

Georgina Taylor launched after people get cut off by tide on rocks . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI Inshore lifeboat was requested to launch shortly before 4.30pm on Friday 2nd February after a report that two people had been cut off by the incoming tide near Monkstone.

The volunteer crew were quickly on the water and located the people between Pidgeon’s Cave and Monkstone beach. The lifeboat went into the rocks and took the casualties off before dropping them off in Saundersfoot harbour.

The lifeboat then returned to station, rehousing at 5.05pm.

Georgina Taylor tasked on first service from temporary lifeboat station . . . .

At 4.35pm on Tuesday 31st October, the crew of Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat were paged following a report that a kite surfer seemed to be in difficulty off Tenby’s South beach.

Five minutes later, whilst the volunteer crew were on the shoreline preparing to launch, they noticed the passenger vessel Caldey Abbey II approaching the beach. A kite surfer jumped over the side and then made his way ashore.

Before returning to station, the crew chatted to the surfer, who confirmed he’d been the one in trouble and was in no need of medical assistance.

Tenby Coastguard Rescue Team were also in attendance.

Both lifeboats launched after person reported missing at Morfa Bychan . . . .

Both of Tenby’s RNLI lifeboats were launched at 7pm on Saturday 23rd September following a report from Dyfed Powys Police that a female had gone missing in the Morfa Bychan area of Pendine.

The boats were on scene some 15 minutes later and the volunteer crew began coastline searches between Telpyn and Dolwen points, while Tenby and Llansteffan Coastguard Teams, Police units and Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 187 also searched the area.

At 9pm, after thoroughly searching the coastline and with nothing found and daylight fading fast, both boats were stood down and returned to station, arriving at 9.20pm.

ILB launched after vessel gets into difficulty off Monkstone . . . .

Shortly before midday on Monday 28th August, Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat Georgina Taylor was requested to launch after a report of a vessel broken down between Tenby and Saundersfoot.

The volunteer crew were quickly on the water and found the casualty vessel approximately one and a half miles south-east of Monkstone Point. Once alongside, the vessel’s occupants requested a tow back to Tenby.

On arrival at Tenby, the vessel was placed alongside the pier and then the lifeboat returned to station at 1.15pm

Georgina Taylor launched after fishing vessel suffers engine failure . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched at 9.15pm today (25th August) after a report that a Shetland fishing boat had suffered engine failure off Sker Rock, Tenby.

A member of the lifeboat crew was standing off the casualty vessel in his boat after being alerted to the incident and then calling the Coastguard to report it.

The volunteer crew soon had the lifeboat on the water and within two minutes, were alongside the vessel whose occupants requested a tow back to Saundersfoot.

Once the boat was safely back on its moorings, the lifeboat returned to station, arriving at 10.20pm

Georgina Taylor launched to search for missing children . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched at 4.20pm today (12th August) after a report that several children were missing in the area of 1st Point, Tenby.

As the volunteer crew were arriving on scene and about to start their search, the RNLI lifeguards on North beach reported that they had found the children safe and well on the beach.

The lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

Busy afternoon for Tenby lifeboats . . . .

Both Tenby lifeboats were requested to launch this afternoon (Weds 9th August) after a report from a member of the public that 2 kayaks had been washed onto rocks at Priest’s Nose and had disappeared from sight.

The all-weather lifeboat was launched at 4.15pm and began a search between Lydstep and Manorbier, checking all the coves in between. In the meantime, as the swell between Giltar and Manorbier wasn’t too bad, the inshore lifeboat was also requested to launch to assist with the search. Tenby, Manorbier and St Govans Coastguard rescue teams were also tasked, along with Coastguard Rescue helicopter 187 from St Athan.

As they approached Manorbier beach, the volunteer crew of the Haydn Miller launched the y-boat with two crew aboard. They then went into the shore at Manorbier to speak to members of the public, who confirmed that the two kayakers, a father and his son, had managed to get safely back to the beach and had since left the area. It turned out that the son had got into trouble in his inflatable kayak in a strong offshore breeze, prompting the father to attempt to rescue him. Luckily after making it to the rocks, they managed to walk around to Manorbier beach.

With the casualties safely ashore and no longer in danger, the lifeboats were stood down and returned to station, arriving at 5.20pm.

The second shout for the Georgina Taylor came at 6.25pm when the boat was requested to launch following the report of a missing nine year old girl between Castle beach and South beach.

The lifeboat began their search at Castle Beach and headed toward South beach as Police and Coastguard units searched the shore and the Esplanade above.

Luckily, the girl was soon found by an off duty RNLI lifeguard in the South beach car park and was quickly reunited with her relieved parents.

Following this good news, the inshore lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

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