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ILB rescue

Tenby inshore lifeboat assists in recovery of farmer and cow . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat launched at 10.55am on Sunday 6 November following a report from a local fishing vessel that a farmer had entered the water after one of his cows fell over the cliff to the west of Lydstep.

The lifeboat made best speed to the scene and on arrival, found a local fishing boat standing off. The cow, which was none the worse for wear, was at the base of a cliff, along with the farmer who was trying to calm it down after its ordeal.

A small fishing vessel was preparing to tow the cow the short distance around to Lydstep where it could be put in a cattle box and returned to its field. Due to the size of the cow, the volunteer lifeboat crew decided that a larger fishing vessel would be better suited to the task. A crew member was put onto the rocks to attach the tow ropes and then the cow was slowly led into the water and attached to the side of the fishing vessel, whilst the farmer was taken aboard the lifeboat.

Around 20 minutes later, the boats arrived at Lydstep and the cow was led ashore, where a cattle box was waiting.

The lifeboat the returned to station, arriving shortly before 1pm.

Georgina Taylor launched after body board found floating offshore . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat launched at 2.20pm today (31 August) after a body
board was found floating off the Giltar Point navigational marker.

The volunteer crew quickly on scene and located the body board.

As there was nobody with the board, the crew needed to make sure that the owner
wasn’t trouble. With the westerly wind, it was decided that the board was most likely
to have come from the Lydstep area and could have ended up where it was with a
combination of the wind and also the incoming tide.

The lifeboat crew searched the
rocks and caves between Giltar Point and Lydstep bay and then along the shore at

With nothing found and nobody reported missing, Milford Haven Coastguard stood
the lifeboat down and it returned to station, arriving at 3.15pm

Haydn Miller launches after swimmer reported in difficulty off Broadhaven . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI all-weather lifeboat launched at 3.30pm today (28 August) following a report to Milford Haven Coastguard from a concerned member of the public that a swimmer was in difficulty off Broadhaven.

The volunteer crew made best speed towards Broadhaven, but whilst they were rounding Giltar Point, Milford Haven Coastguard requested that they check Skrinkle as they were passing following a report of 2 kayaks that had been swamped by the large swell, causing the occupants the be thrown into the sea. The inshore lifeboat was also tasked to this incident.

The lifeboat was soon on scene and quickly located the kayakers in the water. They were taken aboard and checked over in case they needed medical treatment, before the lifeboat immediately continued to Broadhaven to the swimmer in difficulty. The two kayakers also had to go along as the swell was too large to put them ashore at Skrinkle.

As they were passing Freshwater East, Milford Haven Coastguard reported that the casualty was now safe and well ashore and stood the lifeboat down.

On the return journey to Tenby, the kayakers were dropped aboard the inshore lifeboat at Lydstep before being brought safely ashore, along with their kayaks that the inshore lifeboat had towed around from Skrinkle.

Both lifeboats then returned to station, arriving at 4.30pm

Both Tenby lifeboats in search for overdue kayak . . . .

Both of Tenby’s RNLI lifeboats were launched at 5.45pm on 26th August after a kayak was reported to be overdue at Saundersfoot.

The kayak left the beach at Saundersfoot earlier in the afternoon and when it hadn’t returned back to shore at the agreed time, worried relatives rang the Coastguard to request assistance.

Both boats began searching from Waterwynch up towards Monkstone. With nothing found, they continued to search around Monkstone point towards Saundersfoot. A kayak matching the description of the one reported overdue was soon spotted. On speaking to the occupant, he confirmed that he had left the beach earlier and was heading back a little later than planned after losing track of time due to the amount of fish he was catching!

The kayaker was escorted back to Saundersfoot and then both boats returned to station, arriving at 6.10pm.

Tenby inshore lifeboat in search for missing boy . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was requested to launch just before 4pm on 26th August after an 11yr old boy was reported missing in the vicinity of Tenby’s South Beach.

The Georgina Taylor was on the water within minutes of the pagers going off and immediately began a shoreline search from St Catherine’s Island towards Giltar, whilst RNLI Lifeguards, Coastguard units and Tenby Police searched the beach and streets above.

Fortunately, a call came through from the Police, confirming that the boy was now safe and well, having returned home.

The lifeboat was stood down and returned to station, arriving at 4.30pm.

Tenby inshore lifeboat assists when boy goes missing after going for a swim . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was requested to launch just before 6pm on 23rd August after a 9yr old boy who was staying in a caravan in Kiln Park told his parents he was going for a swim.

The lifeboat was quickly on the water and began a search from St Catherine’s Island up towards Giltar Pool. Several people who were spotted on the shoreline during the search were approached by the volunteer crew, but none had seen a young boy near the water’s edge.

Some ten minutes after beginning the search, news came through via Dyfed Powys Police that the young boy had fortunately been found at the swimming pool in Kiln Park.

The lifeboat was stood down and returned to station, arriving at 6.15pm.

Georgina Taylor assists vessel with engine failure . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was lauched at 7.15pm tonight (8 Aug) after a report from a 6m RHIB that they’d broken down off Amroth. The lifeboat was soon on scene and the occupants of the vessel requested a tow back to Saundersfoot Harbour.

Once the vessel was safely back on its moorings, the volunteer crew returned to station, arriving at 8.15pm.

Inshore lifeboat launches to assist people in the water . . . .

At 8.40pm today (7 August) Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat Georgina Taylor was launched after Milford Haven Coastguard received a call stating that a several people were in trouble in the water off Castle Beach.

The all-weather lifeboat which was returning from the previous shout was also tasked. The lifeboat was on scene within two minutes but luckily, the casualties were now out of the water and were being treated by Tenby Fire Brigade who were on scene as part of Tenby’s Summer Spectacular. Paramedics then arrived to treat the casualties.

The lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

Tenby inshore lifeboat launches after unmanned tender found drifting . . . .

At 4.35pm today (30 July), Tenby’s inshore lifeboat Georgina Taylor launched after a report from one of the RNLI’s Castle Beach lifeguards that they’d found a tender drifting between Sker rocks with nobody aboard. It was drifting from the direction of North Bay and the lifeguards were unsure whether somebody had been in it.

The lifeboat was soon heading to the scene and found the lifeguard and the tender in the water at the south side of St Catherine’s Island. It appeared that the dinghy had been unoccupied when it started drifting as the oars were securely stowed and there were no other items within the vessel. After speaking to the lifeguard, the volunteer lifeboat crew took the tender in tow around towards North Bay to see if they could locate where it had come from.

As they were approaching Tenby Harbour, a local fishing vessel went alongside the lifeboat and confirmed that the tender was his and that he’d left it on his outside mooring after purchasing it the day before. The boat was handed over to its owner and the lifeboat returned to station.

Georgina Taylor assists speedboat with engine failure . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat Georgina Taylor launched just after 1.30pm today (27 July) after Milford Haven Coastguard received a call reporting that a 22ft speedboat had broken down off the Skers.

The lifeboat was on the water within 2 minutes and the volunteer crew quickly located the casualty vessel drifting to the south-east of the Skers.

Once alongside, the occupants of the vessel requested a tow back to Saundersfoot Harbour. On arrival at Saundersfoot, the vessel was placed on its mooring within the harbour and the lifeboat then returned to station, arriving at 2.40pm.