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ILB rescue

Tenby inshore lifeboat rescues 71 year old cut off by tide . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat launched shortly before 7pm on Tues 28 September after Milford Haven Coastguard received a report from a 71 year old gentleman reporting that he was cut off by the tide somewhere in the Wiseman’s Bridge area.

He also reported that he had tried to climb the rocks above him to get to safety but that he’d been forced to climb back down due to the brambles being too thick.

The lifeboat was soon on the water and the volunteer crew found the casualty on rocks near Wiseman’s Bridge. He was taken aboard and found to be suffering from minor cuts due to the brambles but was otherwise fine. He was taken to Saundersfoot harbour and handed over to Tenby Coastguard Team who were waiting for him. The lifeboat then returned to station.

Lifeboats launch to evacuate monk with chest pains . . . .

At 16:55 on Wednesday 16 September, both of Tenby’s RNLI lifeboats were launched after a report that one of the monks on Caldey Island was suffering from chest pains.

The lifeboats were at Caldey within six minutes and the all-weather lifeboat went alongside the jetty and dropped off a volunteer crew member along with a Paramedic. They were taken up to the Monastery, where they found the monk in his room.

After being monitored by the Paramedic, it was decided that the Air Ambulance which had been on standby, could be stood down as the casualty’s condition wasn’t life threatening. However, he still needed to be checked over in hospital to find the cause of his pain.

Once he felt comfortable enough, the monk was driven down to the jetty and taken aboard the lifeboat for the short trip back to the lifeboat station where he was met by the ambulance crew to be taken to hospital.

Both boats launch for medical evacuation from Caldey Island . . . .

Both lifeboats launched at approx. 8.15pm on Monday 7th September with Paramedics aboard after the Ambulance Service received a call stating that a diabetic man was feeling unwell on Caldey Island and needed medical attention. The boats arrived on scene and due to the low tide, the inshore lifeboat went into jetty to retrieve the casualty. He was then brought aboard the all weather lifeboat and taken into the care of the awaiting Paramedics. The boats then returned to station and the casualty was taken to hospital for treatment.

ILB requested after dinghy gets into trouble off South Beach . . . .

At 2.25pm on Tuesday 1 September, Tenby’s inshore lifeboat was requested to launch following a report to Milford Haven Coastguard that a dinghy was in difficulty and unable to make headway against offshore winds at Tenby’s South beach. As the lifeboat was preparing to launch, Milford Haven Coastguard reported that the casualty had been picked up by a passing passenger vessel and was no longer in danger. the volunteer crew stood down.

Inshore lifeboat investigates after report of dinghy in trouble . . . .

At 6:25pm on Saturday 29 August, Tenby’s inshore lifeboat launched for the 2nd time in the day following a report from a member of the public outside the Clarence Hotel stating that they could see a dinghy that was possible in difficulty. The lifeboat was quickly on scene and spotted a dinghy on the beach. After speaking to the owners, the volunteer crew were confident that it was the dinghy in question and that they were in no difficulty. The lifeboat stood down.

ILB launched after windsurfer gets into trouble off Giltar Point . . . .

Shortly after 10am on Saturday 29th August, Tenby’s inshore lifeboat launched after Milford Haven Coastguard received several calls stating that a windsurfer was in difficulty off Giltar Point.

When the lifeboat arrived on scene, the volunteer crew discovered a windsurf sail abandoned between Lydstep and Giltar Point and, after a short search they were informed that the owner of the sail had made himself known to the RNLI lifeguards.

It turned out that he had indeed got into trouble and had to ditch his sail at sea and later his board in the cove and swim ashore at Penally beach. In the meantime, the lifeguards had paddled out after spotting his board.

As there was no longer anybody in danger, the lifeboat recovered the board and returned it to its owner on the beach before returning to station.

ILB launched after 27 year old goes missing from Tenby harbour . . . .

At 3:49pm on Tuesday 18 August, Tenby’s inshore lifeboat was launched for a 2nd time in the day, this time to assist in the search for a 27 year old that had gone missing at Tenby Harbour. The lifeboat was tasked to search the shoreline between 1st point and Castle Beach, whilst the Police and Tenby Coastguard units searched the beaches and town. As the search was progressing, news came in that the casualty had been found inland at Ludchurch. The lifeboat stood down.