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Tenby all-weather lifeboat launches to assist kayaks drifting offshore 15 miles away.

At approximately 4:53pm on Sunday 2 August, Tenby’s all-weather lifeboat launched for the second time in the day, this time after 2 Kayaks each with 2 persons aboard were seen to be drifting northwards off Burry Holmes, some 15 miles east of Tenby. The lifeboat launched and headed towards Burry Holmes whilst both Burry Port inshore lifeboats were also being tasked. As the lifeboat was approaching the scene, Rhossili Mobile coastguard unit confirmed that casualties, along with their kayaks were now safe and well ashore. The lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

Haydn Miller launches to assist grounding yacht in Haven waterway.

At 2.05pm on Sunday 2 August, Tenby’s all weather lifeboat launched following a report that the 8m yacht Seeka was grounding off the Valero jetty in the Milford Haven waterway. This would normally be on Angle lifeboat’s patch but they were already tasked on another rescue. The Haydn Miller launched and made best speed towards the casualty but, as the lifeboat was passing Freshwater East, Angle lifeboat reported that they had finished their rescue and were now heading to assist the Seeka. The lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

Haydn Miller launches to assist becalmed yacht with engine failure 6 miles south-east of Caldey.

Tenby’s all-weather lifeboat launched at about 3:58pm on Thurs 30th July after a call from the 35ft yacht ‘Nauphante’ to Milford Haven Coastguard reporting that they had suffered engine failure about 6 miles South East of Caldey Island and with very little wind, they were unable to make headway. The Lifeboat was soon on the water and made best speed to the casualty vessel. Once alongside, the yacht requested a tow into Tenby. The tow was taken up and the yacht was taken the 6 miles back to Tenby and moored safely alongside the harbour wall. The Lifeboat returned to station at approximately 5.50pm.

All weather lifeboat launches after surfers appear to be caught in rip.

Tenby’s all-weather lifeboat launched at about 7:26pm on Wednesday 1 July after a member of the public believed that 2 surfers were caught in a rip at Manorbier Beach. The lifeboat made best speed to the scene but whilst on route, Tenby Coastguard Team made contact with the surfers and determined that they were safe and well and required no assistance. The lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

Lifeboat assists cut off youth with hook stuck in his finger.

Tenby’s inshore lifeboat was launched at 1:02pm on Saturday 27 June following a report that a male had injured himself and become cut off by the tide at Monkstone. The volunteer crew were soon on scene, locating the casualty on a rock in the middle of the beach. Once alongside, the crew found that the casualty had been fishing and whilst in the process of getting a fish of his hook, he’d managed to hook himself in the finger. To make things worse, he then lost the fish!! He was taken aboard the lifeboat and returned to Tenby harbour where a Paramedic was waiting for him. The lifeboat then rehoused.

Inshore lifeboat launches to assist Police in search.

Tenby’s inshore lifeboat was launched at 16:25pm on Monday 23 June at the request of the Police to assist them and Tenby Coastguard in searching for any belongings which would possibly help them in piecing together the last movements of the deceased lady that was found the previous day. The volunteer crew searched the inaccessible bays of 1st and 2nd Point. The lifeboat returned to station at around 17:20.

Lifeboat assists in recovery of body off North Beach.

Tenby’s inshore lifeboat was launched at 9.50am on Monday 22 June after an RNLI Lifeguard reported what appeared to be a body floating in the sea off North Beach. The lifeboat was quickly on scene and the volunteer crew recovered the body and brought it back to the awaiting Police at the inshore lifeboat station. The lifeboat was again requested to launch later in the morning, to assist Coastguards and Police in a coastline search to locate any possible belongings which may have helped to identify the person.

Inshore lifeboat searches for person possibly cut off by tide.

The ILB launched at 18:39hrs on Friday 19 June after Milford Haven Coastguard received a phone call from a jogger stating that he thought he’d seen a lady cut off by the incoming tide somewhere between Swallow Tree and Monkstone. The ILB was quickly on scene, with the volunteer crew searching the rocks and coves between Monkstone and Saundersfoot, whilst Tenby Coastguard Team searched from above. After performing a thorough search and with nothing found and nobody reported missing, the search was called off and the ILB returned to station.

Tenby lifeboat assists in evacuation of sailor with head injury.

Tenby’s all-weather lifeboat was launched at 5:48pm on Sunday 7th June following a report from the 52m sail training vessel Lord Nelson that a 62yr old had gone over on his ankle, suffering a laceration to the back of his head approx. 10 miles south of Caldey Island. The volunteer crew made best speed to the casualty vessel.

Whilst the lifeboat was en route, the casualty began slipping in and out of consciousness so it was decided by Milford Haven Coastguard that an RAF Seaking rescue helicopter would be the best option for evacuating him. Once alongside the Lord Nelson, 3 RNLI crew members went aboard to assess the casualty. Luckily, there was a nurse on board that had been attending to him so he was all ready to be placed into a stretcher and taken aboard the lifeboat. The helicopter was soon on scene and winched the casualty up and transferred him to Morriston hospital.

The lifeboat returned to station, rehousing at 7:26pm

The lifeboat prepares to go alongside the Lord Nelson.

The lifeboat prepares to go alongside the Lord Nelson.

Tenby’s all-weather lifeboat launches after vessel suffers fouled propeller 31 miles south-west of Tenby.

Tenby RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat ‘Haydn Miller’ was requested to launch after Milford Haven Coastguard received a call from a 12 meter fishing vessel which had suffered a fouled propeller 31 miles south-west of Tenby.

The volunteer crew were quickly on the water making best speed towards the vessel but the lifeboat was stood down as the Skipper of the fishing boat had managed to clear the problem.