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Haydn Miller launched after several people are cut off by tide at Worm’s Head . . . .

Tenby’s all-weather lifeboat ‘Haydn Miller’ launched at 1.35pm today (2nd October) following a report to Milford Haven Coastguard that several people had been cut off by the tide on the north side of Worm’s Head, 17 miles south-east of Tenby.

Due to the swell in the area, the volunteer crew were tasked with providing safety cover to Burry Port Inshore Lifeboat whilst they attempted to get the casualties to safety.

As both lifeboats were heading to the incident, Coastguard Teams on scene reported that the casualties had managed to wade to safety and were no longer in danger. All units were stood down and returned to station.

Georgina Taylor requested to launch after late night walkers get cut off by tide . . . .

Georgina Taylor was requested to launch at 00.25am on Wednesday 2nd August after a report two people that they were cut off by the incoming tide on Tenby’s South Beach.

The lifeboat was on scene within minutes, with the volunteer crew searching rocks below the Esplanade.

Tenby Coastguard Rescue Team soon arrived on scene and found that the pair had managed to make it safely up to the Esplanade and were now back at their hotel.

The volunteer crew stood down and rehoused the boat.

Car wash huge success . . . .

Tenby’s lifeboat crew held their annual car wash at Tenby Fire Station on Saturday 15th April. With a steady stream of cars passing through for the duration of the event, it was another huge success. Massive thanks once again to everyone at Tenby Fire Station for the use of their facilities and also helping out during the event.

Georgina Taylor searches for possible missing dog . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat launched at 4.50pm this evening (23rd November) after a report from a member of the public that a dog was possibly in a distressed state and cut off by the tide near Amroth.

Once on scene, the volunteer crew did a shoreline search from Amroth to Wiseman’s Bridge but with nothing found and no more reports of a distressed dog, the lifeboat was stood down by Milford Haven Coastguard, arriving back at station at 5.40pm.

Inshore lifeboat requested after speedboat picks up rope around propeller . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat crew were paged at 16:44hrs on 14 September after the crew of a small speedboat reported that they had a rope around their propeller off Wiseman’s Bridge.

As the volunteer crew were assembling, the casualty vessel reported that they’d managed to free the rope and were back underway.

The lifeboat was stood down.

Haydn Miller launched to assist Dyfed Powys Police with incident on Caldey Island . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI all weather lifeboat was requested to launch by Dyfed Powys Police at 2.50pm today (1 September) to assist them by bringing officers over to deal with an incident on Caldey Island.

Once the Police were assembled at the station, the lifeboat launched and made best speed to the monastic island.

As there was insufficient water to allow the lifeboat alongside the jetty at Caldey, the police were put onto one of the Caldey boats to drop them onto the island. The lifeboat then returned to station to collect members of Tenby Coastguard team to assist the police if a search of the island was required.

As the lifeboat was arriving back at Caldey, the police confirmed that they had resolved the issue and were ready to return to Tenby.

With the tide now high enough for the Haydn Miller to get alongside the jetty, the police were taken back aboard and returned to station, arriving at 4.05pm.

A spokesperson for Tenby Lifeboat Station said “This is a great example of a multi-agency response to an incident on Caldey Island, showing how effectively the RNLI, police and coastguard can work together to provide a successful conclusion”.

Georgina Taylor launched after youth goes missing on walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat launched at 1.25pm today (1 September) after a youth who was walking the coast path from Saundersfoot failed to arrive in Tenby on time.

The lifeboat immediately started a shoreline search from 1st point to Swallowtree, also keeping an eye on the coast path for any signs of the missing person. Once at Swallowtree, with no sign of the casualty, the volunteer crew reversed their search and headed back towards Tenby.

As the lifeboat was approaching Tenby, Dyfed Powys Police confirmed that the walker had been found safe and well. The lifeboat was stood down and returned to station, arriving at 2.10pm

Georgina Taylor launched after kayaks are swamped off Skrinkle . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat launched at 3.30pm today (28 August) following a report that two kayaks had been swamped by the large swell off Skrinkle, throwing the occupants into the sea.

The volunteer crew made best speed towards Skrinkle and when they were about 1/2 miles sway, the all weather lifeboat, which was on its way to another shout, picked the kayakers out of the water before proceeding on their way.

The inshore lifeboat went alongside the empty kayaks, bailed them out and then towed them around to the shelter of Lydstep Bay where they were then met by the all weather lifeboat which had been stood down from its shout.

The casualties that were rescued from the sea by the all weather lifeboat were then transferred aboard the inshore lifeboat before being brought ashore along with their kayaks.

Both lifeboats then returned to station, arriving at 4.30pm

Tenby inshore lifeboat launched after car goes over pier . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched for the 2nd time today (30 July), this time after a car was reported to have gone off the pier at Saundersfoot and was surrounded by water.

The lifeboat was on the water shortly before 8pm, with the volunteer crew making best speed towards Saundersfoot Harbour.

Upon arrival at Saundersfoot, it was obvious that the tide was too far out of the harbour for the lifeboat to be able to assist Tenby Fire Brigade and Police who were already on scene. The lifeboat was stood down by Milford Haven Coastguard and returned to station.