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Lifeboat launched after vessel suffers engine failure . . . .

Tenby’s all-weather lifeboat was launched just before 4pm on Friday 17 October following a report of a 21ft fishing vessel having suffered engine failure off Pendine. The vessel had infact, suffered engine failure earlier in the day whilst off Pendine but had told the Coastguard that they were happy to wait until they could organise a tow later in the day. With light fading and the vessel drifting further South, the decision was made to launch the lifeboat.

The lifeboat was soon on the water and the volunteer crew performed visual and radar searches for the casualty vessel. The boat was soon located close to military range marker buoy DZ4.

The lifeboat went alongside and the crew of the casualty vessel requested a tow. They intended to go to Laugharne but as the tide was too low to get over the bar, it was decided to tow the vessel back to Tenby.

The lifeboat arrived back at Tenby shortly before 6pm and as there was insufficient tide in the harbour, the casualty vessel was placed on an outer mooring before being towed into the harbour later in the evening by the Inshore lifeboat once the tide allowed.

Inshore lifeboat launches to assist drifting vessel . . . .

At 10:28am on Tues 11 August, Tenby’s inshore-lifeboat launched following a report that the 14ft speedboat ‘Peptide’ had parted it’s mooring having been tied to a pot buoy the previous evening. The vessel had been reported drifting along Tenby’s South beach. The casualty vessel was towed around to the North beach where it was met by its owner. The lifeboat then rehoused.

All-weather lifeboat requested to launch after 2 kayaks are reported in difficulty at Freshwater East. . . . .

At 4.48pm on Saturday 8 August, Tenby’s all-weather lifeboat was requested to launch after Milford Haven Coastguard received a call stating that 2 Kayaks appeared to be I difficulty off Freshwater East. However, as the volunteer crew were preparing to launch the lifeboat, the Coastguard received information that the kayaks were now back ashore and no assistance was required. The crew stood down.

ILB launches to search for missing child.

Tenby’s inshore lifeboat was launched at 2.02pm on Saturday 11th July at the request of Milford Haven Coastguard following a report that a 9yr old child had gone missing on Tenby’s Castle beach during an incoming tide.

The lifeboat was quickly on the water and the volunteer crew began a search from Castle beach towards South beach, whilst the RNLI Lifeguards and Coastguard teams searched the shore and Castle Hill.

The crew soon spotted a child on the steps below the Atlantic Hotel and went in to investigate. It turned out to be the missing child. The lifeboat crew stayed with the child and reassured him until the Coastguard team arrived to reunite him with his family.

The lifeboat stood down and returned to station.

Tenby inshore lifeboat assists rubber dinghy.

Tenby’s inshore lifeboat launched at 4:55pm on Mon 15 June following a report to Milford Haven Coastguard from a member of the public stating that a dinghy seemed to be making little headway against an offshore wind off the Penally end of Tenby’s South Beach. The lifeboat was on scene within minutes, with the volunteer crew quickly locating the casualty vessel. Once alongside, the crew made sure no medical attention was needed before towing the dinghy into the shore, where the occupants were met by RNLI Lifeguards.

Tenby Inshore lifeboat assists youths cut off by tide.

Tenby’s Inshore lifeboat was launched at 3:20pm on Saturday 30 May after Milford Haven Coastguard received reports from 5 youths who had become cut off by the incoming tide at Monkstone Point.

The volunteer crew were soon on scene and located the casualties on the north side of Monkstone Point, making their way towards Swallow Tree Bay. They were taken aboard the lifeboat where they were given lifejackets and checked over in case they required medical attention before being dropped off into the custody Tenby Coastguard Team who were waiting in Saundersfoot Harbour.

The lifeboat arrived back on station at 4:00pm.

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