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Haydn Miller rescues kayakers in difficulty . . . .

Haydn Miller’s second launch of the day happened at 6.15pm on 3rd June 2017.

This time, the volunteer crew were tasked to check out 2 kayakers that looked to be in difficulty off Wiseman’s Bridge. A member of the public had reported that the kayakers were making little headway and one of them had fallen out and seemed to be having difficulty getting back in.

The lifeboat made best speed to the area and quickly located the kayakers. They were both taken aboard the lifeboat, with one of them lifted out of the water with a double strop to keep him flat due to him having been in the water for so long. He was treated for hypothermia whilst the lifeboat headed back to Tenby and an ambulance was requested to meet the casualties at the station.

Once back at the station, both casualties were checked over by Paramedics, with one being released. The other required further treatment and used the shower facilities at the station to warm up before the Paramedics were happy to let him return home.

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