Inshore lifeboat rescues for 2020

TitleBoth lifeboats launched to medevac injured Coasteerer . . .
WindS 8 knots
Casualty typeInjured coasteerer
DetailsBoth of Tenby's RNLI lifeboats were requested to launch shortly after midday on Thursday 4th July, after a report that a person taking part in coasteering had been injured near Skrinkle.

The lifeboats made best speed to the area and soon spotted the casualty standing on the rocks. The inshore lifeboat dropped several crew members in to the rock to asses her.

She was experiencing extremely painful spasms in her back due to a possible muscle injury and was unable to move. She was given some entonox gas which gave her enough pain relief to be able to step into the inshore lifeboat which then transported her to the all-weather lifeboat.

Once aboard the larger lifeboat, she was made comfortable and given more pain relief, before the journey back to Tenby. The Coastguard Rescue helicopter that was enroute from St Athan was also stood down.

On arrival at the station, the crew continued to ensure the casualty remained comfortable, before she was handed over to Paramedics for further treatment when they arrived.
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