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Lifeboat assists in treatment and recovery of cliff faller . . . .

Whilst returning from its previous shout at Burry Holmes, Tenby all-weather lifeboat was tasked to go to the aid of a cliff faller at St Govans – the opposite end of the boats’ coverage patch from the previous shout. The lifeboat made best speed to the scene as did St Govans Coastguard and RAF Helicopter Rescue 169. Once on scene, the y-boat was launched with 2 crew members. One crew member went ashore with first aid equipment to assess and treat the casualty. It turned out that whilst climbing, the casualty had fallen some 25ft onto her back on the rocks below, injuring her wrist and lower back. The helicopter soon arrived with a winch man who is also a Paramedic. The lifeboat volunteer then assisted the paramedic in stabilising the casualty and then getting her into the stretcher ready to be winched into the helicopter. Once winched up, the casualty was flown to hospital in Swansea. The crewman then returned to the lifeboat and they returned to station.

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