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Lifeboats tasked after 35ft yacht parts moorings and drifts towards rocks . . . .

At 8.20am on Friday 21st July, both of Tenby’s RNLI lifeboats were requested to launch by Milford Haven Coastguard after a report by a member of the public that a yacht seemed to be drifting towards rocks at 1st Point after parting its moorings in the bay.

The inshore lifeboat was first on scene shortly before 8.30am and reported that the 35ft yacht was now on the rocks at first point. With this in mind, it was decided that the all-weather lifeboat, which was about to launch, should be stood down as there was nothing it would have been able to do.

The crew of the inshore lifeboat were concerned that there may have been somebody aboard, possibly sleeping and unaware of their situation, so the helmsman decided to veer down through the swell and put a volunteer  crew member aboard to check.

Once the crew member had performed a thorough search of the vessel, and with nobody aboard, the inshore lifeboat the was stood down by the coastguard and returned to station.

Later in the day, as the tide came back in around the casualty vessel, the inshore lifeboat was once again requested to launch, this time to provide safety cover as some local boatmen attempted to re-float the yacht.

The operation was a success and the vessel was placed on an outside mooring until the tide was high enough for entry into the harbour where a survey of the vessel’s hull would take place once the tide went out again.

The lifeboat was then stood down and returned to station.

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