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Tenby’s inshore lifeboat launches after report of overdue kayak . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat Georgina Taylor was launched at 5.15pm today (28 May) after a phone call to Milford Haven Coastguard from the partner of a kayaker reporting that he’d disappeared from sight off Waterwynch and hadn’t returned.

Once launched, the crew started their search at 1st Point and quickly spotted the casualty off Waterwynch. They went alongside and although he confirmed he was in no danger, the crew advised he make his way back to shore where his relieved partner was waiting for him.

The volunteer crew then returned to station.

Tenby’s inshore lifeboat launches after report of overturned kayak

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat Georgina Taylor was launched shortly after 5pm today (24th May) after a member of the public went into the town’s Police station reporting that they’d spotted what appeared to be an upturned kayak off Waterwynch.

The lifeboat was quickly on the water, with the volunteer crew beginning their search from the end of North beach, toward Waterwynch. They were joined by Tenby Coastguard and also Police units who searched from the cliff top.

During their search, the lifeboat crew spoke to the occupant of a local fishing vessel who said he’d been in the area for an hour and hadn’t seen any kayaks.
With nobody reported missing and the search area covered by both land and sea units, it was declared a false alarm and the lifeboat was stood down to return to station.

Tenby RNLI lifeboats rescue kayaker from rocks after he capsizes off West Moor cliff.

Tenby RNLI lifeboats rescue kayaker from rocks after he capsizes off West Moor cliff . . . . .

Both of Tenby’s RNLI lifeboats launched shortly before 4pm today (18th May) after Milford Haven Coastguard received a call from a gentleman stating that his friend had disappeared from sight after he was unable to get back into his kayak after capsizing in a fresh offshore breeze.

Both lifeboats were quickly on the water, with the volunteer crew making best speed toward the casualty’s position.

Once on scene, the lifeboats were directed towards the casualty by a local fishing boat that had spotted him swimming towards the rocks and had stood-by whilst he made his way ashore.

The inshore lifeboat went into the rocks and took the casualty aboard. He was then transferred to the all-weather lifeboat to be checked over whilst awaiting the arrival of rescue helicopter 187 from St Athan. The helicopter was soon overhead and winched the casualty up and then landed him on Freshwater East beach where paramedics were waiting to check him over. The casualty was feeling cold and unwell due to ingesting sea water so it was decided that he should be flown to Withybush Hospital, accompanied by one of the Paramedics.

Both boats were then stood down, arriving back at station at about 5.30pm.

Tenby’s inshore lifeboat rescues dog that was cut off by tide after running away from its owner . . . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat Georgina Taylor was launched shortly before 7am on Monday 9th May after a call to Milford Haven Coastguard from a gentleman reporting that his dog had got cut off by the incoming tide after it ran off whilst he was walking it along the Paragon beach.

The lifeboat was soon on scene, with the volunteer crew spotting the dog in a small cove under the Imperial Hotel. A crew member went ashore and retrieved the dog, which was none the worse for its ordeal.

The dog was then taken back to Tenby Harbour and reunited with its relieved owner who had made his way down to the Inshore Lifeboat station.

Tenby’s inshore lifeboat rescues 3 people cut off by the tide.

Tenby’s RNLI inshore lifeboat Georgina Taylor was launched shortly before 5.30pm on Tuesday 26th April following a report to Milford Haven Coastguard from 3 people stating that they were cut off by the incoming tide between 1st Point and Waterwynch.

The volunteer crew began their search at the end of North Beach and quickly found the casualties on rocks between 1st and 2nd Points.

They were taken aboard the lifeboat and checked over to make sure they didn’t need medical attention, before being dropped onto the North Beach where they were met by members of Tenby Coastguard.

Tenby Lifeboat launches after man goes over cliff after his dog . . . .

Tenby’s RNLI all-weather lifeboat was launched at approximately 12.45pm on 23rd April following a report that a gentleman was stuck on a cliff near Broadhaven after climbing down to attempt to rescue his dog that had fallen off. Units also tasked were Tenby and St Govans Coastguard and Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 187.

The volunteer crew were soon on the water and made best speed to the area. Once on scene, the casualty was spotted clinging to rocks around 20ft from the top of the cliff. The ‘Y boat’ was then launched and a crew member was put ashore to make contact with and reassure the casualty that help was on its way.

Rescue helicopter 187 was soon on scene where they lowered the winch man to retrieve both the casualty and his dog and return them to the top of the cliff where they were met by the Coastguard teams. Sadly, the dog had passed away. The lifeboat then returned to station, arriving back at 2.10pm.

Car wash 2016

Despite the torrential rain and strong winds, plenty of people turned up to support us at our annual Car Wash which was once again very kindly hosted by Tenby Fire Station.

Flipping good fun at Pancake race

Tenby RNLI’s 6th annual pancake race took place yesterday, 16th February in the town’s Tudor Square.

Once again, there was a huge turnout of both spectators and participants, with Stormy Stan also making an appearance to ensure there was no cheating going on in the crew race and deputy mayor Councillor Sue Lane on hand to start the races.

Winner of the race for five and unders was Ollie Toy; with Emily Walters coming home first in the six to eight category and Melissa Drinkwater triumphing in the nine-12 section. The men’s race was won by Daniel Evans.

The fundraising day was finished off with a two-course pancake dinner at the Fourcroft Hotel.

Tenby RNLI would like to thank all spectators and participants for making this year’s race another huge success.