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RAF Helicopter makes final training visit to Tenby . . . . . . .

RAF Helicopter ‘Rescue 169’ based at RMB Chivenor in North Devon, made its final training visit to Tenby on Sunday 9 August before the responsibility of UK Search and Rescue, is handed over to civilian contractor Bristow towards the end of 2015.

Unfortunately, the exercise was cut short when, shortly after lifting 3 crew off the all-weather lifeboat, the rescue helicopter received a call from Milford Haven Coastguard tasking it to an urgent medical evacuation in Devon. The only problem was, the 3 lifeboat crew were still aboard!

Needing to land them quickly before departing the scene and with landing them back on the lifeboat likely to take some time, the easiest option was the North Beach. But upon reaching the beach, it was found that due to the number of tourists present, this option was not safe. The only other option was to land them on the lifeboat slip – which has never been done before in Tenby and almost certainly isn’t likely to happen again!!

The volunteer crew members were soon back on land and the helicopter departed the scene to assist the injured casualty in Devon. Many thanks to Gareth Davies for the great action shots below:

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