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Tenby all-weather Lifeboat launched to assist Burry Port lifeboat at Worm’s Head . . . .

At 6.40pm on Saturday 28th July, Tenby’s RNLI all-weather lifeboat was requested to launch after two people were reported to be cut off by the tide at Worm’s Head.

The lifeboat was quickly on the water and heading towards Worm’s Head where the volunteer crew had been tasked to provide safety cover whilst Burry Port lifeboat attempted to get the casualties off in a large swell.

Once nearing Worm’s Head, the lifeboat met up with Burry port lifeboat and then stood by as the smaller, more manoeuvrable boat went into the rocks and retrieved the casualties. They were then dropped into a more sheltered bay, to the awaiting Coastguard Teams.

Both lifeboats then returned to station, with Tenby’s re-housing at 8.30pm.

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