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Tenby inshore lifeboat launches after unmanned tender found drifting . . . .

At 4.35pm today (30 July), Tenby’s inshore lifeboat Georgina Taylor launched after a report from one of the RNLI’s Castle Beach lifeguards that they’d found a tender drifting between Sker rocks with nobody aboard. It was drifting from the direction of North Bay and the lifeguards were unsure whether somebody had been in it.

The lifeboat was soon heading to the scene and found the lifeguard and the tender in the water at the south side of St Catherine’s Island. It appeared that the dinghy had been unoccupied when it started drifting as the oars were securely stowed and there were no other items within the vessel. After speaking to the lifeguard, the volunteer lifeboat crew took the tender in tow around towards North Bay to see if they could locate where it had come from.

As they were approaching Tenby Harbour, a local fishing vessel went alongside the lifeboat and confirmed that the tender was his and that he’d left it on his outside mooring after purchasing it the day before. The boat was handed over to its owner and the lifeboat returned to station.

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