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Tenby lifeboat launched in early hours after head injury on beach . . . .

Tenby’s relief all-weather lifeboat was requested to launch at 12:45am on Sunday 21st January after a report that a female had suffered an injury on the beach at Wiseman’s Bridge.

Uncertainty as to where the casualty actually was, and the possible seriousness of the casualty’s condition, prompted the decision to request the lifeboat in case she was in a position inaccessible from the beach.

The lifeboat was quickly on the water and the volunteer crew made best speed towards Wiseman’s Bridge.

As they were approaching the beach, further news came through to the Coastguard via Ambulance control that the casualty, who had suffered a head injury, was now safely in the Ambulance, having been transported from the beach by Tenby Coastguard Rescue Team.

With the casualty safely in the Ambulance, the lifeboat was stood down and returned to station, arriving at 1.25am.

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