All-weather lifeboat rescues for 2021

TitleHaydn Miller assists in medical emergency at Barafundle . . .
WindESE 10 knots
Casualty typeMedical emergency
PositionBarafundle Beach
DetailsThe all-weather lifeboat was requested to launch at 11.40am on Monday 19th July, to assist following a report of a medical emergency at Barafundle beach, 11 miles west of Tenby.

The lifeboat made best speed to Barafundle and was soon joined by the inshore lifeboat after they finished their job and were re-tasked.

Once on scene, several members of the crew went ashore and assisted the Paramedics. They were soon joined by the Coastguard Helicopter and the Wales Air Ambulance.

Once stable enough, the lifeboat crew assisted in loading the casualty onto Air Ambulance for the flight to hospital.
Total this year: 23
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