All-weather lifeboat rescues for 2021

TitleHaydn Miller crew rescue lost fisherman surrounded by water . . .
WindE 10 knots
Casualty typeFisherman lost and surrounded by water
PositionCefin Sidan Sands
DetailsTenby's all-weather lifeboat launched for the second shout of the night just before 4.15am on Tuesday 30th March, following a report from a fisherman who had become lost in thick fog on Cefin Sidan Sands and with an incoming tide, was now stuck in mud and surrounded by water. He also stated that he was unable to swim.

The volunteer crew were soon on the water and along with both Burry Port lifeboats and Ferryside Lifeboat, raced to the estimated position of the fisherman.

Tenby lifeboat was first on scene at the mouth of the estuary, but due to the depth of water, was unable to get in close enough to search. Due to the fact there was no helicopter available and a quickly rising tide, it was decided to launch the Y-Boat which could get right into the shore.

Luckily within a few minutes and despite thick fog, the crew of the Y-Boat spotted the bright LED lights that the casualty had on his head. By the time they pulled the very relieved fisherman into the lifeboat, he was waist deep in water, with the tide quickly rising around him.

He was soon aboard the Haydn Miller, where he was warmed up and brought towards Burry Holmes, before being transferred to Burry Port Lifeboat to be dropped back ashore.

With a life saved, the lifeboat then returned to station, arriving at 6.30am.
Total this year: 42
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