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Our Lifeboats

Class: Tamar
Name of our boat: Haydn Miller
Introduced: 2005
Length: 16m (52ft)
Range: 250 nautical miles
Top Speed: 25 knots
Weight: 30 tonnes
Crew: 6-7 (depending on need to carry Doctor/Paramedics)
Construction: Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP)
Launch method: Slipway
Self righting: Yes
Class: D Class
Name of our boat: Georgina Taylor
Length: 5m (16ft)
Range: 3hrs at max. speed
Top speed: 25 knots
Weight: 436kg
Crew: 3
Construction: Hypalon coated polyester
Launch method: Trolley
Self-righting: No but can be righted again by crew.


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