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Both lifeboats launched after person falls and breaks leg at Saddle Head . . . .

First shout of the day, came shortly before midday on Monday 27th August after a climber fell from a cliff face at Saddle Head, some 12 miles West of Tenby, suffering a suspected broken leg.

The casualty had been assisted by 2 members of his climbing team who had secured him to a ledge on the cliff face and raised the alarm.

The lifeboat made best speed to the scene in rough seas, arriving at the same time as Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 187.

Unfortunately, Rescue 187 was unable to provide assistance due to the strong winds and overhang above the casualty position, so the decision was made that Tenby, St Govans and Broad Haven Cliff rescue teams would attempt to rescue him from above. At this point, Tenby’s inshore lifeboat was also requested to launch to provide safety cover from below with it’s increased engine power over the Y Boat in the swell at the base of the cliff.

The cliff rescue teams then sent a rescue technician over the top of the cliff and down to the casualty. Next, the casualty was secured into a rescue stretcher and winched back up the sheer cliff.

Once at the top, he was handed over into the care of the awaiting Ambulance crew.

The lifeboats were then stood down and returned to station.

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