Inshore lifeboat rescues for 2021

TitleBoth lifeboats launched to assist with medevac of patient from Caldey Island . . .
WindSW 18 knots
Casualty typeSick person
PositionCaldey Island
DetailsBoth of Tenby’s lifeboats were launched at 8.45pm on Thursday 9th September, following a report of a sick person on Caldey Island.

The lifeboats quickly made the short journey over to the island with a Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust First Responder and also members of HM Coastguard Tenby aboard to set up a helicopter landing site for Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 187.

Once at Caldey, due to the high tide, the inshore lifeboat dropped several lifeboat crew members, the First Responder and also the Coastguard Team ashore, where they were taken up to the casualty.

Whilst the First Responder and Lifeboat crew assessed the casualty, the Coastguards went up to the lighthouse to prepare the helicopter landing site.

The helicopter was soon overhead and the casualty was handed over to the Helicopter Paramedic, before being flown to hospital for further treatment.

The lifeboats then returned to Tenby with everyone aboard, arriving at 10.10pm.
Total this year: 38
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