Inshore lifeboat rescues for 2021

TitleThird shout in as many hours for Tenby lifeboats . . . .
WindESE 6 knots
Casualty typeCar crash
PositionCaldey Island
DetailsThe lifeboats hadnít even had chance to leave Caldey before the next job came in - an RTC on Caldey Island itself.

The Coastguard received a call from the Welsh Ambulance Service, stating that a car had left the road, hitting a tree on Caldey and as the extent of the injuries was unknown and the lifeboats were already at the island with first aiders aboard, they were asked to assist.

Two crew were dropped ashore from the inshore lifeboat, whilst the all-weather lifeboat returned to Tenby to pick up Paramedics and members of Tenby Fire crew.

On arriving at the scene of the accident, the crew found that a car had left a dirt track and hit a tree.

After making sure the scene was safe for them to do so, the crew immediately began treating the two casualties, who were already out of the car. They were soon joined by Paramedics and Fire crew after being dropped off by the lifeboat.

The volunteer crewmembers then assisted the Paramedics with immobilising one of the casualties and preparing the other for transport back down to the jetty for the short trip back to Tenby.

Once at the pier, both casualties were loaded onto the awaiting ambulances, before being taken to hospital. The inshore lifeboat the re-housed, while the Haydn Miller returned to Caldey to collect the remaining Fire crew, before finally rehousing at 9pm.

Todayís shouts are great examples of multiple agencies working together for the benefit of those in trouble.
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