Inshore lifeboat rescues for 2021

TitleGeorgina Taylor assists in medevac of injured islander . . .
WindENE 22 knots
Casualty typeIslander with suspected dislocated hip.
PositionCaldey Island
DetailsTenby’s RNLI all-weather lifeboat was tasked shortly before 1pm on Sunday 10th May, to assist in the medevac of a patient with a suspected dislocated hip from Caldey Island.

The lifeboat was soon on the water, with three members of HM Coastguard Tenby aboard for assistance in carrying the casualty and setting up a helicopter landing site, should one be required.

Once on Caldey, several members of the lifeboat crew, along with the Coastguard, were ferried ashore in the inshore lifeboat, due to insufficient water alongside the jetty.

The team then headed up to where the casualty was situated, where he was assessed by a lifeboat crew member, who also happens to be a Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust First Responder. Due to the nature of the injury, and the lack of water to get the casualty onto the lifeboat, it was decided to request Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 187 to airlift the casualty to hospital.

As the helicopter was arriving overhead, Paramedics from a land ambulance were also arriving at Caldey by lifeboat and provided extra pain relief to the patient ready for the flight. He was then immobilised and taken the short distance up to the landing site at the lighthouse, before being flown to Withybush hospital.

Once the casualty was in the air, everyone headed back down to the inshore lifeboat which was waiting on the beach to ferry them back out to the Haydn Miller, before heading back to Tenby, arriving at 4.20pm.

A great example of a multi-agency rescue.
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